Drinkwell Pet Water Drinking Fountain [2021 Ultimate Review]

Our dogs had the opportunity to review one of these Drinkwell Pet Water Drinking Fountains. They are Chihuahuas, so if you know anything about this breed, they are very skittish and afraid of their own shadows. I half expected them to go flying out of the room the minute I turned this on. But to my surprise – they didn’t. In fact, they loved it!

First of all, there are a few parts to this fountain, and you have to make sure it’s put together correctly. It comes with multiple different spouts – so the water can come out in single or multiple streams. The fountain itself is not loud, but some may think the water itself is loud. It never bothered me, and it didn’t affect my dogs at all. I actually found the sound of it rather relaxing.

I put it together, filled it with water to the fill line, and plugged it in. And then just watched and waited. Molly (our largest) was the first one to make her way over to it and take a sip, after inspecting it. Then the others followed in no time at all.


  • Due to the filter, dogs get fresh water instead of stagnant water in a bowl.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Water sound is relaxing.
  • My dogs love drinking from it.


  • To clean it you have to take it apart every time. Not a huge deal, but more work than just cleaning & filling a regular water bowl.
  • More costly than a water bowl ($70)
  • Uses constant electricity.
  • Filters need to be changed regularly.

Final Words

Overall I recommend this fountain. I’ve used others that were really loud or broke down in no time at all. This one is well made. I really love this fountain. And I love that my dogs are getting fresh water instead of water just sitting there in a bowl.

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