Factors That May Affect Tree Removal Prices

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Certain elements influence tree removal prices, including factors such as the size, type of tree, and where it’s located. Other factors that are taken into consideration are the various methods of removing the tree, and the type of equipment required. For example, tree removal prices may be affected by factors such as whether the trees are cut down from the top or the bottom (otherwise known as “up”, “down”, or “high” trees) and whether the tree is being removed from a public or private property (which is known as “public” or “private”). Other factors influencing prices include:

Tree Removal Prices

Factors such as tree planting heights and tree density also impact tree removal prices. When trees are planted too close together, they can actually increase the price of removal. The smaller the tree, the less we want to pay, so plant shrubs in bunches instead. The less dense the vegetation around the tree, the more we want to pay, and so on…

Many times people simply don’t know enough about shrubs or trees, and so ask friends and neighbours if they can remove the shrub or tree for us. Often they will charge an awful lot of money, simply because they don’t know enough about shrubs or trees. When a tree or shrub has been removed, and if the tree removal prices are higher than average, a neighbour might be tempted to remove it for us. But our job is not to do that – our job is to plant more trees! And removing one tree only makes it likely that future tree removal prices will go up.

We also have many different factors affecting the tree removal prices. For example, trees are often removed depending on how high they are, whether they are dangerous to people walking past them, how tall they are, their size (size-increasing shrubs and trees), or their shape (a tree with a sharp, pointed peak). Each of these factors has different effects on the price and there’s a whole lot more in-between then meets the eye.

Final Words

Once you’ve established the tree removal prices that you need to expect, you can then use this to your advantage when looking for a local company to remove your trees. Sometimes the price quoted is not the price that a local company will charge. If you can, call several companies and ask for quotes. In many cases, you’ll be able to negotiate a price that is lower than what you might have been offered if you’d gone to the local firm yourself. Even if you’re quoted a fixed price, ask whether the total price includes pruning charges or not. Some companies might include this service in their price, especially if you have a tree that needs to be removed from its high perch.

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