No-Choke Golly Gear Dog Harness Review In 2021

I’m a dog lover. We have 4 Chihuahuas, and their care & safety is very important to me. I never use regular collars and a lead when walking them. I’ve always used harnesses only. So I was looking forward to trying one of these no-choke leather dog harnesses from Golly Gear.

Ordering was very easy. Just measure your dog’s chest and order the corresponding size. The harness arrived quickly and exactly as described. I was very happy with the quality as soon as I opened the package. This one I ordered specifically for Molly, who is a whopping 20 lbs because she is merle. She likes to run and jump and this harness is so perfect for her. It does not sit anywhere near her neck. If she runs or jumps, it just pulls on her front legs / chest area. There is no way a dog can choke themselves with this harness!

It is also adorned with cute silver paw ornaments on each side. The velcro used on top is VERY strong. I admit I had concerns that the velcro wouldn’t be strong enough to hold, but it was not an issue whatsoever. Plus, there’s a D-ring that you connect your leash to, and it keeps everything in place.

Molly has a lot of energy and it was no problem getting this harness on her, and it was just as easy to take it off. I highly recommend this harness for dogs of all sizes!


  • High quality; very well made
  • Absolutely choke-free
  • Easy to put on and take off of the dog


  • None

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