Tree Removal Permit Information

If you are planning a local project and require consent to remove a tree, it is important that you contact the Sunshine Coast Council and acquire a tree removal permit Sunshine Coast Tree Removal. Permits are required by local governments in order to safely and legally remove a tree or trees. This is true regardless of whether you are doing it yourself or you hire a contractor to do it for you. The permits will also help ensure that you will not be charged with a fine if you remove the tree on your own. If you are unsure of what the laws are in your area, there are many resources on the internet that can assist you.

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Tree Removal Permit

The Sunshine Coast Council website does a great job of explaining why you need a permit in their guidelines for tree removal. There are a list of prohibited tree activities and a list of those that are allowed. On their site, they also provide a downloadable checklist of what is required to remove a tree safely and legally. When you are ready to begin the process of removing a tree, it is important to remember to call and get an authorization number first. A good tree service will also have a copy of the permit that you need for your own records. They should forward this number along with any tree permits to your local council office once all the work is complete.

Final Words

The Sunshine Coast Council website has a lot of information for people who live and work on the Sunshine Coast, including what kinds of trees are allowed, the rules that apply to tree removal, and the best times to plant seeds or take cutting off a diseased tree. They also have a list of trees that are protected and those that are threatened by environmental problems. For people that are looking to grow trees in their yards, the council does not sell tree planting and tree removal permits. It is up to the local council to determine what it requires to obtain these services.

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